Kiln color changing glaze ceramic tableware

2018-08-14 12:57:26

Blue Ceramic Plate 


    The glazed porcelain tableware is painted directly on the embryo before the product is unfired, and is fired at a high temperature. It belongs to underglaze color ceramics and has artistic value. It is a tableware product with a different style from the porcelain above, providing more choices for restaurants that require specialties.


Green Plate 

6oz printed cups


    Kiln change mainly refers to the natural change of the surface glaze caused by the change of temperature in the kiln during the firing process. The most critical process in the production of kiln, the subtle changes in each of the small steps in the process will affect the kiln effect of the ceramic. The position of the product when the kiln is installed, the density and scarcity of the kiln product, the type of fuel used in the kiln firing, the firing temperature, the length of the firing time, the cooling rate after the flameout, the climate change and the burning The level of kiln technology, etc., will make ceramics produce different kiln transformation effects, and each of the kiln-changing products is unique and very special. The kiln color-changing glaze tableware is welcomed by many high-end specialty restaurants.

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