Shengjing Ceramics Farmhouse Day Tour

2018-08-09 15:12:54

Enjoy the scenery of the farmhouse, gather the collective strength

    In June, we will be welcoming nearly four months of busy peak season work. At this time, Shengjing Company has organized a rich day trip to the farmhouse in order to enrich the team life and let everyone relax in the busy work. The team held hands-on cooking, the team cooperated with catching chickens, fishing for fish, picking fruits and a series of meaningful gatherings。

black square dishes chinese soup bowls
white ceramic bowl white pasta bowls
rectangle paper plates

 Dear colleagues fishing together, drying vegetables, picking fresh fruit, very happy.

 Male colleagues are very good at cooking.

The atmosphere at the scene was quite active, laughter, and on lunch, everyone ate the fruits they picked, the fish caught, the pride and excitement on their faces, and they also had a taste.

The organization's activities enriched the staff's amateur cultural life, allowing employees to breathe fresh air in nature, enhance friendship, enhance corporate culture, enhance team cohesion, and gain health and happiness.

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